About Us

Shirebridge Homes


Kaha Homes Limited is an alliance of like minded people, wanting to make a real difference in the housing market.

Kaha Homes aims to give people more affordable options, without compromising on Quality and Style.

The housing shortage has created a tsunami of people wanting affordable, comfortable homes. We began importing static caravans, first for ourselves to live in, after losing our own home in the earthquakes.

Unfortunately, like so many others we soon found out first hand, that homes on wheels, don’t meet council standards. The council had been turning a blind eye for years, to people living on camp sites long term.

Because of the recent surge in people finding their own solutions, Councils have now started to clamp down on non compliant homes, with many people are finding out the hard way.

Most Tiny homes and caravans, are built to meet the NZ Road Transport code. NOT the NZ Building code.
All non compliant buildings like Caravans/tiny homes, can’t be used for permanent living in one spot, for a certain period of time. They NEVER could be. Selling such a product that might not be “fit for purpose.” Was not an option for us.

Our Director and Shareholders are of the same mind. Together we form Kaha Homes (meaning Strong Homes in Māori)

After many meetings with Councils, Politicians, Designers, Architects, suppliers, small house dwellers, Tiny Home owners and new home seekers.

We believe we have created the perfect solution, which will keep everyone happy. Homes that are built to exceed the NZ building codes, can be transportable and are smaller for those wanting to lower their economical, ecological, environmental footprint.

Smaller doesn’t mean living in cramped conditions, or compromising on quality, or style, or security.

About Will

Will has been a registered builder, since 1986.
During that time his vast and varied career spans across Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa.
Building many architecturally designed homes, using light gauge steel framing.
Working for Leighs Construction in Christchurch on projects such as Placemakers Hornby,  3 story office blocks, Barrington Mall, Montreaux furniture, and the Botanical Gardens Visitors Centre.

About Michelle

Michelle is our Director.

She met Will in South Africa. Whilst working on projects together.
She is responsible for all matters Financial and our Quality control is strictly controlled by her.

Nothing gets past her.

About Thais

Thais is our official energetic whip cracker and pushes us all to be the best we can be. She is an experienced business advisor and sets all our targets, systems and carefully monitors our analytics. Keeping us on track. She ensures we will be a company that goes the full distance over the years to come.

About Paul

Paul is our Project Manager. He makes sure everything is completed within budgets and on time.
Paul has over 35 years of experience and has managed businesses in the electrical, security and Industrial switchgear industries. Both in NZ and the UK.

About Suzanne

Suzanne has worked in Business Development and is experienced in interior layouts and design.
She will be your first point of contact.
Suzanne will be responsible for ensuring you obtain a bespoke home that you will truly love.

About Rapata

Rapata has worked closely with Will over the last few years, working on major building projects in and around Canterbury. He keeps up to date with the latest innovations and developments, within the ever growing building industry. Always eager to take another course, to increase his knowledge.